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eScan antivirus software is one of the first ant viruses to come into existent. But it has developed a lot over the years, with feedbacks constantly from its customers, eScan keeps improving with every update. Serving customer for several years now, eScan has built up quite a reputation among its customers with its great antivirus features. With the latest features, eScan prevents a lot of unwanted things from happening into your system. eScan offers protection against all the new Ransom wares, viruses, blot wares, Trojans etc. from damaging any important sensitive files and protecting your privacy from people looking to access your personal files when you visit any unsecured websites.

Here are the few top features of eScan that makes it such a great antivirus

  • Easy to install and use.
  • With the latest cloud technology, eScan runs the latest algorithms to prevent all kinds of viruses.
  • Prevents viruses from getting your important files and folders corrupt.
  • The Heuristics Algorithms protects your computer from all the latest malware being released today.
  • The Anti-spam feature filters out all the unwanted spam mails and shows you result of any suspicious spam emails detected.
  • The automated feature scans the computer when it feels something is wrong.
  • Also offers a firewall that blocks all unauthorized access to your data by hackers from the internet.

eScan supports a wide range and runs on Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Android.

Facing issues with you eScan antivirus? Give us a call now on our Toll Free no-+1-888-226-0555

Though eScan is known for being reliable, it does run into a few random crashes/errors now and then due to OS glitches or outdated drivers. Below are the few common issues faced eScan users.

  • Unable to successful install eScan antivirus.
  • Frequent crashes.
  • Automated scanning stops working.
  • Unable to install the latest updates.
  • Unable to use the cloud features.
  • eScan antivirus suddenly increases the usage of your CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive.
  • eScan starts sowing popping corrupt registry files randomly.
  • Sudden crashes and random shutdown of the computer.
  • Unable to uninstall eScan Antivirus.

Facing any of the above-mentioned issues? Or have any other issues related to eScan antivirus? Call us on our toll-free number (+1-888-226-0555) and we will be happy to assist your issues in any way possible. Our dedicated teams of skilled technicians are skilled and well trained to assist almost any issues related to your eScan antivirus. We have technicians to assist customers of all countries in various different languages. We assure you the best and 100% guaranteed positive results to get your eScan up and running smoothly.

Unable to call us? Try our Chat support feature.

Stuck in a traffic or uncomfortable with talking over the phone? Do not worry as we have a separate team dedicated for assisting customers via Chat. We offer the same quality assistance with the same dedication to customers on chat compared to customers on calls.

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