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The user base of ESET antivirus is around 100 million today. Suitable for small home use to large enterprise use. Users prefer the ESET antivirus due to its lightweight and a wide variety of functionality. ESET antivirus offers extra layers that block unidentified exploit, protects from all kinds of ransomware, bloatware and detect all kinds of attacks that can be caused by lethal to your computer. Getting better and better with every update, ESET antivirus has added quite a lot of features over the past years allowing users to adjust the antivirus to their desire from more than 150 available profile settings. ESET is one of the most prestigious and the best-rated antivirus by its customers out there.

Here are just a few features offered by ESET antivirus to its users.

  • Super easy to install and use.
  • Cloud features with a real-time scan.
  • Automated scan that scans for viruses automatically without having the need to click on “Scan” each time.
  • Preventing files and folders from getting corrupt and deleted.
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Can easily scan other portable devices like USB drives, External Hard Disks, DVDs, CDs, and Smartphones.
  • An updated algorithm to fight against updated viruses.
  • Offers a real- time monitoring of ongoing scans.
  • One click cleans all detected malware.

ESET supports multi-devices and currently is available for Windows, Mac Os, and Android.

Facing issues with your ESET antivirus? Call us on our Toll free no- +1-888-226-0555

Although, ESET antivirus is super reliable, safe and has been honored with several awards for its performance, this antivirus does run into some issues and crashes now and then due to some technical bugs. However, this issue can be easily fixed with our technical assistance.

Here is a list of the most common issues faced by ESET antivirus users.

  1. Unable to install ESET setup.
  2. Scanning does not work.
  3. Random shutting down of the computer.
  4. Random crashes of ESET antivirus software.
  5. Unable to install the latest updates or major crashes with the latest updates.
  6. ESET has suddenly increased consumption of CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive.
  7. Unable to uninstall ESET antivirus.

Facing any of the above issues or any other issues related to your ESET antivirus? Give us a call on our TOLL FREE no (+1-888-226-0555). We have a team of dedicated skilled technicians who are trained to assist customers in the best way possible. No matter what issues you are facing, our certified technician will be just happy to assist you. We have been serving customers from various countries in many different languages. We assure you 100% guaranteed and satisfactory positive results.

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Have a busy schedule or don’t want to get held up on a lengthy call? Do not worry as our Chat support has got you covered. Our separate team of Chat support has trained skilled technicians to help you via chat as they are equally skilled and trained compared to the technician on calls.

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