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Router plays a very important role nowadays. The importance and significance of this small device can be estimated from the fact that it finds a place in every other household due to the advancement s in the field of network technology in the past decades. These routers have become more compact powerful and easy to use for the majority of the population. Millions of people all across the world use the router machine to access the high-speed internet connectivity.

There are some common technical issues that you can get with your wireless devices:

  • Determination of number of users on the wireless network
  • Enable the file sharing from one person to another.
  • Router connection is crashing due to extra network traffic.
  • DSL is stable but still not browsing.
  • Configuration and settings.

Some solution of wireless technical issues:

Configuration and settings: The wireless router should come with the password and you should add another password for more security. These passwords will require the devices to access the Wi-Fi devices. You should also make sure that authentication is set at least WPA 2 and do not something less secure. Making adjustments to your wireless network should also require a password. This should already have been done for the customer and manufacturer. But you should still check to make sure.
Router connection is crashing due to extra network traffic:
a. Reboot the router.
b. Check for overheating.
c. Verify cables they are connected properly or not.
d. Adjust the position of the router.
e. Change the wireless channel.

Reset your router and click on factory default setting.

Reset button is located on the back of your router; router username password will be reset to the factory default values as shown back of the router level. When router power on, use the pointed end of the similar object to press and hold the reset button 10 to 15 seconds, and wait for the router to fully reset and switch on the power button.
Determination number of user on the Wi-Fi network:
A. Network check.
B. Insight cards.
C. List of connected devices.
D. Automatic channel selection.
E. Guest Wi-Fi.

Seeking of technical advice and Wi-Fi support:

In present days, routers fail to connect so many networks at the same time or exception of the user but there is nothing to worry about. We are here to help you out with these kinds of problems. In order to get connected with us, the user just needs to call our toll free number 1-800-383- 368 and our expert technicians will help you to resolve the problem related to the wireless network.

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